Smoked Gigha Halibut

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As I sit in a well known fast food restaurant in Glasgow Airport mobile blogging, I’m contemplating the difference in the food choices we have each day. Recently I was sent one of the freshest flavoured foods I’ve ever tried. Smoked Gigha Halibut.

Gigha Halibut farm their ‘happy halibut’ on this beautiful little island on the west coast of Scotland. The reason being that wild halibut is listed on the endangered species list. Their focus on quality and sustainability means you will see Gigha Halibut on many a top restaurant menu. On top of the fresh business they will smoke to order for you as well. What an amazing service to offer. So shortly after another one of my Twitter chats I was offered a sample to try. I was genuinely excited.

But what to do with smoked halibut, what’s its like, is it similar to smoked haddock, do you eat it uncooked, should you flash it? Well I flashed half of it in the pan. This brought out the smoky flavour which comes from Kilchoman whisky wood chips. The rest I had as it came on toast with tomato, so toasted the bread in the same pan as I’d cooked the first batch in.

The result was magnificent. The oil from the cooked fish had soaked into the bread and imbued it with a depth of smoke flavour. Meanwhile the fresh smoked fish sat atop and delivered quite the most wonderful sweet, smoked, taste of the sea. A depth of flavour which had layers of subtlety. If you are looking for a special ingredient to wow guests then this ticks the boxes and you can do so knowing there’s no adverse effect on the ocean.

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