April, come she will…

The season of new growth, and nature’s awakening. The beginning of the season is relatively short on produce. As March becomes April foragers will delight in wild garlic, nettles, and sorrel. Razor clams are at their best and as the season progresses syboes, mackerel, asparagus, and Ayrshire potatoes become available, with the herring season beginning as summer beckons.


In addition the fields are full of new born lambs, calves, and foals. Spring begins with a covering of snow, and ends with new life everywhere.


Tomato and sorrel soup

It’s this time of year when I start to visit my parents allotment regularly for seasonal fruit and vegetables. The tomatoes aren’t anywhere near ready yet, but the sorrel is flourishing in the recent spate of sunshine. Scottish lemongrass is how [...]

Fried bread, bacon, and tomatoes

Bread is one of the most amazing leftovers we have available. Whether used as breadcrumbs or bread and butter pudding it’s a wonderful ingredient. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with the way stale bread is used in the Mediterranean [...]

Leftover chicken and spinach curry

Chicken curry made with leftover roast chicken is one of my abiding childhood memories. There was always a block of curry sauce from the Chinese supermarket in the fridge for such occasions. This is a more South Asian influenced version, made [...]

Goat Shank with Rum and Allspice

My first experience of goat which is a wonderfully sweet and rich meat, was at Notting Hill Carnival around 15 years ago, and with this dish I’ve given a small nod to those Caribbean aromas and flavours I experienced on that occasion. While not [...]