Roast lamb with mushrooms and Marsala

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Pot roasting is not in my comfort zone particularly. I tend to do my roasting and stewing in the oven, maybe because it’s easier to leave to cook, go for a run (or a pint!) and forget about it. Somehow I just trust my instincts better with that method. However the boned and rolled leg of lamb that I bought somehow somehow drew me to cooking on the hob for a shorter time and filling the kitchen with the wondrous smells of approaching autumn. Marsala is a perfect autumn ingredient to my mind, it’s rich and speaks of warmth and is a perfect partner to mushrooms. Although perhaps more commonly associated with pork, with the addition of rosemary they brought the lamb to life. It’s almost time to reach for the coats, scarves and jumpers and I can see this becoming a favourite this coming autumn.

 Roast lamb with mushrooms and Marsala

(Serves 4)

1kg boned rolled lamb leg
6 shallots halved
100g chestnut mushrooms quartered
1 sprig Rosemary
1 clove garlic chopped
75ml dry Marsala
75ml water
4 potatoes quartered
Teaspoon sea salt
Olive oil for frying

1. In a heavy based pot or casserole dish capable of going on the hob brown the lamb on all sides over a medium heat.
2. Add in all the other ingredients and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low and cover.
3. Cook for 2 hours until the meat is tender, removing the rosemary after one hour if it’s beginning to smell overpowering. Remove the meat and vegetables from the pan and cover. Turn the heat to high to reduce the liquor left in the pan to a gravy like consistency.
4. Serve the meat and vegetables with the gravy

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