Raspberry, elderflower and muscat trifle

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Trifle is one of my abiding memories of the 1980s, originally from the Birds packets and then homemade with fresh fruit and I think possibly swiss roll as well. And while for many it’s probably a little twee for me it’s an ideal comfort dessert and a wonderful sharing bowl to end a celebratory meal with friends. This recipe is a way of bringing the warm memories of spring and summer to the autumn and winter table with the scent of flowers and berries. I use homemade elderflower cordial from spring to make the jelly although shop bought is perfectly fine. Raspberries as one of the best fruits for freezing and I keep enough in the freezer to do me most of the winter, take them out just as you’re going to use them to give that lovely sheen of frost as you serve the trifle, they’ll defrost pretty quickly.

Raspberry, elderflower and muscat trifle

12 trifle sponges
2 tbsp liquer muscat or rivesaltes ambre
100ml elderflower cordial
1 sachet gelatine powder – enough to make 500ml jelly
500ml custard (homemade or shop bought)
200ml double cream
100g raspberries


  1. Break the sponges up into 1-2cm pieces and place in a large relatively flat bottomed serving bowl (or divide equally between 4 if making individually) and spoon over the wine. Leave to soak in for 10 minutes.
  2. Make the jelly by making up the gelatine as per the packet instructions, add in the cordial and make up to 500ml. Pour over the sponges then place in the fridge to set.
  3. Once the jelly has set pour over the custard, being sure to leave to cool if making at home.
  4. Whip the double cream until forms soft peaks, you don’t want it still runny but don’t want butter so be careful not to overwhip. Pour the cream over and smooth down.
  5. Add the raspberries round the edge and place any extras in the centre then serve immediately.

First published in Great British Chefs, November 2015

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  • Dea Elmi

    Looks lovely.

    • Graeme

      Many thanks. I hope you will try it

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