Cranachan panna cotta

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I often make cranachan, the most celebrated of Scots desserts. However this pannacotta gives a slightly different interpretation on the marriage of whisky, honey and raspberry. The oatmeal is almost imperceptible as a garnish, but the flavour stands out.

Cranachan pannacotta

(Serves 4)

250ml whole milk
250ml cream
30g caster sugar
3 leaves gelatine
2 tbsp Scottish blossom or heather honey
20ml whisky – I used Glenlivet Founders Reserve but use any unpeated whisky
1 tbsp medium oatmeal
100g raspberries

  • Soak the gelatine leaves in water to soften, then squeeze them out. In a saucepan add to the cream, along with the honey and sugar. Heat over a low heat, stirring until all the elements have dissolved.
  • Pour into a jug capable of holding all the ingredients. Add the milk and whisky and stir to combine. Leave to cool a little, then stir again, and pour into either pannacotta moulds if you want to tip out, or whisky glasses for something a little different. Place in the fridge to set.
  • Meanwhile toast the oatmeal over a low heat, being careful not to burn. Serve the chilled and set pannacotta with a few raspberries and the oatmeal sprinkled on top.

Cranachan panna cotta

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  • Josh H

    I’ve made this for our Christmas Day pudding and, having sampled the tester panna cotta, I have to say your recipe is SPOT ON!! The gelatine is the perfect amount for a lovely wobble and the honey (I used a wildflower honey as I’m out of heather honey) and whisky came through beautifully! The only changes I’ve made are to include a whole vanilla pod when heating the cream which I think I adds a jot of flavour and to serve with a sharp raspberry coulis rather than just raspberries as it’s a very sweet even for a panna cotta.

    Thanks for such a great recipe!!!

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