Cranachan cheesecake

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I rarely find myself writing on here these days, weeks seem to pass, recipes pile up and nothing appears. However having found a glut of wild raspberries by Loch Maree today I felt I had to mark the occasion by finally posting my recipe for cranachan cheesecake. This is a perfect late summer dessert for sharing to mark the last few raspberries of the season. Cranachan is traditionally known as cream crowd and this mixture of the tangy soft cheese and double cream works well.

Cranachan cheesecake

Makes 4 individual 2.5″ cheesecakes.
5 sticks shortbread crushed
2tbsp pinhead oatmeal toasted
35g melted butter
80g crowdie (or cream cheese if unavailable),
160ml double cream,
1tsp Heather honey
20ml Scotch whisky
200g raspberries.

1. Mix crushed shortbread, toasted oatmeal and butter to form a dough type consistency. Make into 4 individual rounds of 2.5″;

2. Leave to chill in fridge while you whisk the crowdie, cream, whisky and honey into firm peaks. Spoon on top of the shortbread base and place back in the fridge;

3. With 50g of the raspberries make a compote with a little sugar to your taste. Leave to cool;

4. When compote is cool layer it onto the cream layer. Top the cheesecake completely with fresh raspberries. Serve.

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