Tasting notes – Speyside

Knockando 12 year old

Malt, citrus, amber, honey and straw nose; Black pepper, vanilla, malt and almonds; Malty and spicy finish.

Bottled at 43% abv

Glenrothes Select Reserve

Sweet malty nose with a little old wood in the background
Palate is very malt driven with an inherent sweetness and a pepper note. Black pepper spicy finish with a hint of oak

Bottled at 43% abv

Mortlach 15 year old

A rich golden colour followed up with a nose of nuts and raisins. Old lace and lavender also detected by one taster plus candied orange peel.

The palate is filled with malt and lots of alcohol with a sweetness of vanilla oak and peppery spice. The finish is long and warming with the spice and aged wood prevalent.

Bottled at 43% abv

Glenfiddich-Glenlivet 32 year old Cadenhead’s Bo20130727-215302nd Reserve

Produced in 1973 on the then coal fired stills of Glenfiddich this is a malt from a more civilised age when the spirit defined a drink representative of locality and skill. As a rule Glenfiddich don’t release casks to independent bottlers as they prefer to control quality and finish themselves, so if you’re lucky enough to find one its likely to be oddly branded as Glenfiddich-Glenlivet like this one.

Gold almost yellow in colour with a nose full of fresh spicy oak, floral notes and barbecued pineapple. The palate is so smooth, very floral, with some vanilla sweetness on the edge and later upon later of complexity that just keep evolving as it finishes with pepper, flowers, soft tannin and tropical fruits. A wonderful malt for savouring.

Bottled at 46.9% in 2005


Glenfiddifch 15 year old solera reserve


Produced from the genuine Solera system in operation at Glenfiddich which emulates that in Jerez rather than just reflecting ageing in sherry wood.

A rich burnt orange hue as it hits the glass with legs that look beyond its 40%. The nose has a sherry sweetness with caramel or toffee along with heather, raisins and burnt orange, maybe even chocolate orange. The palate is quite viscous with toffee notes, possibly even a little banana plus raisins and spice followed by a long drying finish of dried fruit and Christmas cake.

Bottled at 40% abv

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