Tasting notes – Lowland

20130718-212406Bladnoch 14 year old single lowland malt

In his wonderful book Scotch Missed charting the lost distilleries of Scotland, Brian Townsend described the most southerly distillery in Scotland thus…

It is somehow impossible not to feel a special regret at the demise of Bladnoch. Few distilleries can match it for the richness of its history and its stubborn ability to survive for so long against such odds

It is testament to this survival instinct that the distillery still proudly produces its spirit overlooking the Solway coast. Albeit now a double distillation rather than the pre-mothball traditional Lowland triple. This 14 year old is from before the 1993 closure and is triple distilled. With an almost green tinge to the pale straw colour the nose is floral and lemony with a little oak. The palate is again lightly floral with a little spice, vanilla and a creamy mouthfeel. The finish has sweet notes of vanilla and maybe white pepper spice and a little yeasty almost pure spirit note right at the end. It is remarkably long, possibly as much reflecting the time in wood as the delicate fresh spirit beneath. A whisky to be enjoyed as much for the history as the flavour.

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