The start of something better – simple tomato sauce

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Pizza with Stornaway black pudding, artichokes, capers and goats cheese

Do you ever just think you can’t quite be bothered cooking and reach for the supermarket pizza instead? Or the ready meal or tin of soup? I don’t do ready meals, very occasionally go for the soup option but pizzas? Well they’re a little bit of a weakness of mine. However I’ve increasingly started to make my own and have a magical little recipe for my tomato sauce that requires next to no effort. And the great thing is it’s perfect foil for every kind of topping but also for just about anything you fancy putting into pasta as well. Chorizo, artichoke, anchovy, capers, goats cheese, whatever you fancy this simple sauce is ready with no fuss and only a little bit of time. You could make it with fresh tomatoes but when effort is at a premium then tinned chopped tomatoes are perfect. Forgive the recipe below, it’s not an exact science and a shoogle is a perfectly acceptable unit of measure. Hopefully the occasional mealtime has just become a little easier and a little more rewarding.

Simple tomato sauce

Serves two for pasta with 200g or makes 2-3 pizzas

1 can chopped tomatoes
1 splash red wine vinegar
1 good sprinkle sea salt
1 good glug red wine
1 quick drizzle Olive oil
1 pinch or more of chilli to spice up (optional)

1. Put the tomatoes in a sauté pan and put on a medium heat. Add all the other ingredients and stir.
2. Turn hear right down and leave to cook until the liquid has all but evaporated and you have a chunky sauce consistency, around 20-30 minutes. Taste and correct for seasoning.
3. Serve with fresh boiled pasta or as a sauce layer for pizza, both with whatever ingredients you choose.


Simply fusili with tomato sauce and pecorino – perfect for kids

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