Spring salad with wild venison chorizo and goats cheese

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I think the marriage of Scottish produce with Spanish flavours is  fairly sublime. So do the Spanish I imagine, they import enough wonderful seafood from these shores. A couple of years ago Anja Baak from Great Glen Charcuterie sent me a sample of their wild venison chilli chorizo and I was hooked. A small amount of the venison chorizo punches well above its weight and brings this fresh salad to celebrate the return of spring to life while filling your kitchen with wonderful paprika spice and gamey venison aromas.

Spring salad with wild venison chorizo and goats cheese

This will serve four people

50g wild venison chilli chorizo (1mm thick slices)
4 eggs
Two good couple handfuls rocket
One good handful baby spinach
2 vine tomatoes roughly chopped
100g crumbly goats cheese
Handful green beans chopped
5 or 6 one inch slices baguette chopped into cubes
Splash good olive oil
Splash sherry vinegar
Basil oil for croutons (if no basil oil you could add basil leaves to salad)
Salt and pepper to season if desired

1. Fry the chopped bread with the basil oil until crispy basily croutons are formed, leave them aside for a few moments to cool a bit.
2. Mix the leaves, croutons and tomatoes together with the oil and vinegar then divide between four bowls.
3. Poach the eggs whichever way you like, for me 3-4 minutes in salted water just below boiling on a low heat will give you a good runny yoke and soft white. In a separate pot blanch the green beans in boiling water for 3 minutes.
4. In a frying pan heat a tiny bit of olive oil. Fry the chorizo for around 30 seconds only and then add a tiny splash of sherry vinegar to stop the cooking. I mean tiny, you don’t want to over power it.
5.Crumble the goats cheese over the leaves, strew on the beans. Place the perfectly poached eggs on the centre and then dot on the chorizo. Serve with a large glass of rose and celebrate spring.

Perfectly runny egg, soft chorizo and crumbly goats cheese


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