And lang’s the night frae e’en to morn, I’m sure it’s winter fairly

Burns captured the mood of winter perfectly, as the cold, impenetrable darkness envelopes. The land may be hardening with frost, but this makes turnips and the dreaded parsnips all the tastier. In addition to these, brussels sprouts, kale, and winter squash are all available. This is truly broth season.

On the seas fisherman continue to risk all to land haddock, monkfish, saithe, and langoustines. On land, and in the air, as well as Christmas turkeys and geese, much of Scotland’s game is still in prime condition.


Banana rye soda bread

How often do bananas lie in the fruit bowl, quickly turning from yellow to brown spotted, to black? And automatically the mind thinks of one of two things, smoothies, or banana bread. I’ve been making a lot of rye soda bread over the [...]

Mutton stew with anchovies

Anchovies are a fairly standard ingredient for adding umami, that indescribable flavour characteristic, and nowhere better than alongside the rich flavour of mutton in a fairly classic Roman flavour combination. I cooked this stew over the fire [...]