And lang’s the night frae e’en to morn, I’m sure it’s winter fairly

Burns captured the mood of winter perfectly, as the cold, impenetrable darkness envelopes. The land may be hardening with frost, but this makes turnips and the dreaded parsnips all the tastier. In addition to these, brussels sprouts, kale, and winter squash are all available. This is truly broth season.

On the seas fisherman continue to risk all to land haddock, monkfish, saithe, and langoustines. On land, and in the air, as well as Christmas turkeys and geese, much of Scotland’s game is still in prime condition.


Rye and rye soda bread

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the colder this week, and winter isn’t far away. Soup weather. I generally find it impossible to have soup without bread, dipping it in while the soup cools to palatable temperature. The great [...]

Pig cheeks with apples and cider

There are few things as exciting in life as finding flavour combinations that work. I was chatting to Ruth Harris from Harris Farm Meats at the weekend about the very subject and it was great to discuss different ways of cooking with her free [...]

Festy cock

Scottish cuisine is full of dishes with ancient names that seem fairly odd to the modern tongue; Cullen skink, skirlie, rumbledthumps, and clapshot all spring immediately to mind. However ‘festy cock’ seems to take this tradition to a whole new [...]

Cockerel with port and mushrooms

When you think of so many classic French cookbooks coq au vin always jumps out from the page. The cockerel, jointed, marinaded and slow cooked almost ritualistically. It conjures up memories of dark photographs, mahogany tables and brown bowls. [...]