The winter it is past, and the summer come at last….

Summer in Scotland means soft fruit, raspberries especially, with their violet scented sweetness, but also strawberries, gooseberries, plus black and red currants. Broad beans, peas, and tomatoes abound, and the new potato season continues.

From the sea there’s sea trout, herring, mackerel, lemon sole, and lobster among others. As the summer comes to an end the grouse season starts, and the autumn lambs begin to become available. The season may seem as short as the days are long, but when the sun shines, the produce delivers in hues of shimmering brightness.


Tablet ice cream

‘What’s tablet?’. It’s a question that probably every Scot has heard at some point in their lives. It’s a kind of Scottish fudge type thing, but isn’t. It’s just tablet. Then you start to explain the [...]

Cranachan cheesecake

I rarely find myself writing on here these days, weeks seem to pass, recipes pile up and nothing appears. However having found a glut of wild raspberries by Loch Maree today I felt I had to mark the occasion by finally posting my recipe for [...]