April, come she will…

The season of new growth, and nature’s awakening. The beginning of the season is relatively short on produce. As March becomes April foragers will delight in wild garlic, nettles, and sorrel. Razor clams are at their best and as the season progresses syboes, mackerel, asparagus, and Ayrshire potatoes become available, with the herring season beginning as summer beckons.


In addition the fields are full of new born lambs, calves, and foals. Spring begins with a covering of snow, and ends with new life everywhere.


Gran’s spring vegetable soup

When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my Gran, she looked after us whenever my parents were working, usually with her elder sister. One of my abiding memories of meals with this hilarious double act who would both go on to become [...]

Tablet ice cream

‘What’s tablet?’. It’s a question that probably every Scot has heard at some point in their lives. It’s a kind of Scottish fudge type thing, but isn’t. It’s just tablet. Then you start to explain the [...]

Festy cock

Scottish cuisine is full of dishes with ancient names that seem fairly odd to the modern tongue; Cullen skink, skirlie, rumbledthumps, and clapshot all spring immediately to mind. However ‘festy cock’ seems to take this tradition to a whole new [...]

Feed the family. Reduce the waste

Leftovers were a staple for me during my childhood in the west of Scotland. I probably didn’t even know the term existed; we just took it for granted that any food which was left would be reused. Mum would regularly make stovies from leftover [...]