Salmon and rocket linguine

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What is your top urge food, what does your body say ‘I must have’ and then that’s it, nothing else will do? I frequently ‘need’ a curry, often fancy some haggis. But my top urge food that I just have to have is pasta, and nine times out of ten that’s linguine. I’ll think about a huge plate with rich sauce all day and anything else will seem pointless.

Today was a linguine day. It was also a salmon day. I love to cook on a Friday night. It signifies the end of the week, the freedom to cook something really nice, take my time over it and have a glass of vino in the process. So what to do with salmon and linguine? A quick scout of the fridge and cupboards yielded wild rocket, creme fraiche (does it ever go off or just get more citrusy?) and capers. Perfect. Add in a little of the currently ubiquitous fennel pollen (totally optional so don’t run away) and I could see my dinner developing and had a fair idea it was going to be great. In fact I loved it so much I’m blogging this as it digests.

This will serve two people

1 salmon fillet around 300g preferably the tail
1tbsp capers chopped
2 handfuls wild rocket roughly chopped
2 tbsp creme fraiche
Couple pinches fennel pollen (optional)
Pinch sea salt to season salmon
200g linguine (slightly greedy but I like a big plate of pasta)
Parmesan or pecorino or Bonnet for grating

Heat the oven to 200C, season the salmon with salt and optional pollen, cover in foil and whack in for about 15 minutes until cooked, when ready remove the skin and chop into big chunks, about 6 or 8.

Now I’m not going to teach you how to boil pasta. Just cook it your way, it doesn’t even have to be linguine. Actually strike that, it does. Boil the pasta for the alloted al dente time. When it is ready drain well then stir through the salmon, capers and rocket, chopping the salmon as you go but making sure it’s still ‘interestingly chunky’. Add the creme fraiche and stir through again.

Serve with a good grating of the cheese and black pepper if that’s what you like on your pasta. Simple bistro style food in less than 20 minutes.

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