Rose veal osso bucco with wild garlic pesto

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Rose veal really is coming into the mainstream psyche now as a wonderful addition to the repertoire of meats available in British farmers markets and butchers. While this beautiful sweet meat is quite different from white veal, one cut and dish which still speaks only of veal is osso bucco, the bone with a hole.

Traditionally this would be cooked with sofrito, tomatoes, lemon and white wine and served with gremolada. Here I’ve stuck with tomatoes and wine but gone simply for the addition of wild garlic pesto as a reflection of spring, both cooking with it and serving it on top.

Rose veal osso bucco with wild garlic pesto

(Serves 4)
1kg Rose veal osso bucco in 1.5″ slices
250g Baby plum tomatoes
1/2 Lemon
3 tsp Wild garlic pesto plus more for serving
100ml White wine
Olive oil to brown

1. In a heavy based pan brown each slice of meat well
2. Add in all the other ingredients and cover
3. Cook over a low heat for 3 hours until the meat fall off the bone, keeping an eye that it doesn’t dry out. If it does add a little water
4. Check for seasoning, correcting with salt if required and serve with another teaspoon of the pesto on top.

Note: if you can’t get wild garlic then use ordinary pesto but use a little less especially for topping as likely to be stronger and more oily.

Rose veal osso bucco with wild garlic pesto

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