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A food lover’s journey through an ancient land
eating with the seasons

The produce driven cuisine of Scotland its defined by the seasons, find a recipe for any month and any occasion.

Al fresco Dutch oven
havering and food memories

Whether it be producers who are my food heroes, guest articles from people I admire, or just my own havering, there’s always something to inspire me about food.

my story

Cooking is love made visible. I love to cook by season and by instinct, these are my guiding principles.

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Rose veal potted hough

There was always something satisfying about seeing those little pots of preserved meat in the butchers. Off brown with a shiny pallor from the jelly they looked like pure flavour in a tub. Except [...]

Venison Burgers

 Spending a lot of my childhood summer holidays camping in the highlands I got to know that part of the world pretty well. During these holidays I became acquainted with wild brown trout, picked [...]