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Cooking over fire

They say that when man discovered the secret to making fire it changed everything, and there is still something primal about watching flames lick the sky on a cold day. Cooking over flame is [...]

Alasdair Macleod

‘I know that even langoustine were looked down on as late as the 50s. The French white fish fleet came up to fish the Minch in the 50s and went back home as their nets were clogged up by [...]

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 Food heroes – The people and their produce

Great Glen Charcuterie

As you walk into The Old Butchershop in Roy Bridge, home of Great Glen Charcuterie you are enveloped by an amazing aroma that speaks of passion, of integrity and of quality. The soft sweet oak [...]

The Wee Fudge Company

One of the highlights of moving to the south side of Glasgow was being asked to sample new flavours of fudge as an unofficial taste tester for the fledgling Wee Fudge Company. Set up by Joyce [...]

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