Fyne halibut from Gigha – Smoked halibut crostini

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Food festivals are one of the true highlights of spring and summer, the opportunity to get into some wonderful scenery and eat true local artisan produce while chatting to the passionate people who produce it never grows tiring. At Loch Fyne Food Fair on the beautiful banks of that sea loch that penetrates so far into Argyll, I picked up among other things, a big pack of Smoked Gigha Halibut, a product I feel like I’ve known almost since I started this blog. This is a wonderful ingredient as the smoke doesn’t overpower the freshness of the fish, and you’re left with a mouthwatering tang of the sea with the faintest whiff of smoked whisky oak. Every time I use it I want to give it freshness to really bring the flavours to the fore. This time I had a lunch of little crostini, and croquetas, both using fresh sorrel from the allotment.

Smoked halibut crostini

Makes 4

4 small slices sourdough bread lightly toasted
50g cherry plum tomatoes
6 leaves sorrel
Salt and pepper
80g smoked halibut cut into 1″ slices
50ml creme fraiche
2tsp capers drained, rinsed, and chopped

  1. Blitz the tomatoes and sorrel with a little salt. Spoon onto the four slices of sourdough
  2. Mix the capers into the creme fraiche.
  3. Place the sliced halibut on top of the tomatoes, then finish with a little of the creme fraiche, and serve.

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  • Elizabeth Tweed

    This reminds me of the smoked fish and eggs that we had for breakfast in Scotland last week! I bet halibut would have been even tastier than haddock.

    • Graeme

      Sounds lovely Elizabeth! There’s a smoked trout and eggs simple recipe coming very soon which you can see on my Instagram feed!

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