Autumn larder – Crab and chilli ravioli with lemon butter

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Making your own pasta is such a satisfying feeling, it may take a little time to perfect if you’ve never done it before so don’t plan for a Wednesday night after a long day. For me this is a meal for a relaxing day inside watching the leaves blow off the trees.

Crab and chilli ravioli with lemon butter

(serves 2-3)

175g ‘00’ flour
2 eggs

½ dressed crab (white and brown meat)
½ tsp chilli flakes
2 tbsp ricotta
Sea salt
Juice half a lemon
To serve
Knob butter
Juice half a lemon
Black pepper

  1. To make the pasta pour the flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle, and add the eggs into this well. Slowly combine the flour into the eggs until fully combined and smooth;
  2. Knead the pasta for 5-8 minutes until slightly springy and silky smooth. Leave for 20 minutes wrapped in cling film;
  3. Cut the dough into two and then using a pasta machine gradually work through to the thinnest setting. If you don’t have a pasta machine roll as thinly as possible using a rolling pin;
  4. Meanwhile mix all the ingredients for the filling;
  5. To make the ravioli place teaspoons of the filling roughly 4cm apart on one sheet, add the other sheet on top, squeeze the air out of each mound. Using a glass or ravioli cutter, cut into ravioli shapes, ensuring the two sheets of pasta seal together;
  6. Heat a large pan of water, when it boils add 1 tsp salt, boil for 5 minutes, drain, add the butter and lemon. Serve with black pepper.

From Scottish Daily Mail Autumn Larder series

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