I want to tell the world of the natural larder and eclectic cuisine of Scotland

Fennel and Lemon Risotto

This is the time of year when winter turns into spring almost overnight as the clocks move forward and bulbs and buds start to appear. Then just as quickly we seem to descend back into winter again as the skies darken, the rain falls and the temperatures plummet again. It’s…

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Leftover veal stovies with greens

Leftover meat, it’s sometimes a shame you have to wait until the next day to have the meat in a ‘leftover’ state because it is so fun to cook with. Giorgio Locatelli reckons Italians can make meals out of the leftovers of the leftovers! I think that many of us…

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Leftover brisket with puy lentils

So after you’ve roasted your beef what do you do with the rest of it? Sandwiches, salad? How about this very quick, easy, warming and healthy offering? Will feed two for a light meal 250g (ish) leftover brisket (or any roast beef) chopped roughly 80g puy lentils 5 baby onions…

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Beef brisket pot roasted ‘Italian style’

Brisket is one of those cheaper cuts that doesn’t need long cooking, in fact it’s better to cook it quickly to pink in a pot with some wonderful penetrating flavour. I threw this together with what was ‘oopsed’ on the deli and vegetable counter in Waitrose! This will serve 4…

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George Mewes Cheese, Byres Road

Cheese is a particular weakness of mine and a visit to George Mewes ( on Byres Road in Glasgow for a festive cheeseboard was always going to take a while. So much so I bought enough for two festive cheeseboards but better to have too much than not enough! The…

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