I want to tell the world of the natural larder and eclectic cuisine of Scotland

Travel and Food, the ultimate soulmates

Travel and holiday has always meant food for me. Whether paella cooked over orange wood in Valencia, oysters from Étang de Thau, or squats lobsters from Applecross, its always been about first experiences, about aroma and flavour of the local cuisine. Recently holidays have been all about Scotland and it…

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The Mountain Cafe Cookbook

I used to spend a lot of my childhood holidays in and around Aviemore but I’ve not been to the town in about twenty five years. I think that might need to change in the near future with a visit to The Mountain Cafe, where Kirsten Gilmour, after an interesting personal…

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Festy cock

Scottish cuisine is full of dishes with ancient names that seem fairly odd to the modern tongue; Cullen skink, skirlie, rumbledthumps, and clapshot all spring immediately to mind. However ‘festy cock’ seems to take this tradition to a whole new level, but what exactly is it? Whether celebrating Shrove Tuesday,…

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Cockerel with port and mushrooms

When you think of so many classic French cookbooks coq au vin always jumps out from the page. The cockerel, jointed, marinaded and slow cooked almost ritualistically. It conjures up memories of dark photographs, mahogany tables and brown bowls. These days however the chances of finding a cockerel to actually…

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Smoky rough cut pork chilli

I always enjoy when I’m asked to create recipes using Scottish produce, while we have many very traditional dishes in Scotland like stovies, and Scotch Broth, I generally think of the cuisine of Scotland being produce driven rather than flavour driven. Therefore it means that when cooking, the dishes can…

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Pan fried pigeon with barley and walnut risotto

Pigeon is a meat which gets a very mixed reaction, for many they automatically think of the dirty grey scraggly ‘rats with wings’ which are so beloved of railway bridges, park benches, and statuesque poets. Not the most appetising of creatures. However wood pigeons are an entirely different matter, plump,…

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