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Over the last few years gin has been enjoying a renaissance on a grand scale with craft distillers appearing all over the country in various shapes and sizes. Allied Glass have been making ground breaking bottles for gin for over a century and, along with Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire, hosted a tasting of five of the brands who they produce for . A wonderfully sociable affair, #tweettastings bring people together from all over to share notes, thoughts and experiences. Here are my in appended notes from the evening:


Nose: Juniper, lemon and satsuma on the nose with a hint of pepper and herbaceous coriander

Palate: Violets in the background with juniper to the fore along coriander and pepper, and a sweetness developing of citrus and cardamom

Finish: Long dry and peppery


Nose: Malty new spirit, very fresh and clean but pleasant oiliness. Very subtle with vanilla and possibly jasmine and lavender

Palate: Spicy with pepper, star anise and cardamom then thyme comes through and the clovey childhood reminder of Oddfellows (thanks to @thewhiskykiwi for finally placing it!)

Finish: Long dry and peppery with a salty tang and fresh lime


Nose: Warming with juniper, thyme and cut grass yet with a crisp sea breeze. Spearmint appears. Very elegant

Palate: Unctuous with spearmint, white pepper and almost honey sweetness. Salty freshness following through from nose and liquorice or maybe even caraway and lemons which are more lemongrass than citrus

Finish: Peppery dry with juniper to the fore and then a little sweetness


Nose: Loads of sherbet lemon citrus alongside lavender thyme and juniper. Like a highland evening walk filled with the freshness of ozone

Palate: Lots of sprit with lavender, earthiness, definitely fresh malt on the palate alongside heather, gorse, citronella, and bay. Creamy.

Finish: Peppery sweet with herbs

Makar Glasgow Gin

Nose: Fresh apples, grass, like a cross between a walk in a meadow and a summer night after the rain with damp earth. A little juniper and brine as well maybe with peppermint or even eucalyptus as it opens

Palate: Floral palate with pine, violet sweetness then roses, developing to apples but the rose remains

Finish: Sweet rose and warming with hints of apple. Quite simply outstanding

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