So my 40 by 40 goal was to set myself a time based challenge to fulfil some of my food and drink desires, do some things that I really should have done by now and exorcise some of the demons, as you can see here.

This is the list with links to the appropriate blog….7 completed, 33 to go

1. Cook and eat tripe

2. Taste a natural wine, at least one, preferably lots

3. Eat at a Basque Sociedad Gastronomique in San Sebastian

4. Have an article published in a food magazine

5. Visit Highland Park Distillery and have a dram

6. Taste the award-winning goats cheese from Brockhall Farm

7. Make my own cheese

8. Dine at The Three Chimneys Kitchen Table

9. Prepare and cook a bird in a bird (maybe even in a bird) roast

10. Learn to cook and dress a crab

11. Make my own brawn

12. Catch and cook my own spoots (razor clams)

13. Brew my own beer

14. Go on a Scottish mushroom forage and cook them in the wild

15. Make my own ravioli

16. Do a pop-up for paying guests @cafebargeargyll

17. Complete Whisky Ambassador’s accredited whisky training programme

18. Attend a PukkaPaki supperclub

19. Learn to make pakora

20. Make tempura courgette flowers and get over my fear of deep frying

21. Buy and drink a wine personally recommended by @winekat

22. Make a clootie dumpling

23. Attend a Burgher Burger guerilla dining event

24. Make Scotch eggs

25. Learn how to make a game pie with hot water crust using my own pastry

26. Butterfly a leg of lamb

27. Go fishing and cook my catch fresh

28. Make a soufflé

29. Cook with hogget

30. Drink first flush Darjeeling @postcardteas

31. Eat a meal cooked on a josper

32. Drink a glass of Brunello di Montalcino

33. Make elderflower fizz

34. Have a seaside forage with @monicashaw and @geniecooks for samphire

35. Have a play with molecular gastronomy

36. Eat at The Kitchin

37. Learn how to make choux pastry and make profiteroles and eclairs

38. Salt bake a whole fish

39. Learn to cure and smoke my own sea trout

40. Make steak tartare


  1. What an amazing list! Mushroom foraging sounds brilliant, I’d love to do that. Might add it to my own list (I don’t have any lists because I’m rubbish at plans, haha)

    Looking forward to seeing you tick these off on the blog? 🙂

  2. Hi Jemma, plans not normally my strong point – but now I have to plan this one!!!

  3. #6 and #13 are on my list too. I can also help with #15 and #33. And can I come with on #5? 😉 Maybe we can kill a few birds with one stone together. I’m so chuffed to be on this list, Graeme! You’ve made me smile.

  4. Also you didn’t answer the penultimate question: when is the big 4-0??

  5. aww I am honoured to be on that list! thank’s G xx

  6. As you started this challenge I was thinking I should do the same and do a 30 before 30. I’ve been going on about things I want to do before 30 but never acted on it 😉 Now I have only 6 months left so 30 might be a bit unrealistic… maybe 3 before 30 😀

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  8. Hi GT

    Just reading your 40 by 40. The hotel I stay at in London has a Josper Grill. Surely that an excuse for a night in London 🙂 Its the Caxton Grill in St Ermins Hotel. http://www.sterminshotel.co.uk http://www.caxtongrill.co.uk

  9. You’re getting through your list – well done! I’ve got 7 ticked off my 35 at the moment!

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