#40by40 – Popup on Cafebarge Argyll

 In Havering

I went through a phase of wanting to be a chef, quite a long phase actually. Then I thought about doing a supper club. But who would come, what to cook? Then I met Michael Casey, the self proclaimed resident genius of the Cafebarge, an old Dutch barge moored in Tarbert harbour, and he threw down the gauntlet. When I was coming up with my list Michael said ‘put your reputation where your mouth is and do a pop up on the barge’. It is this not too serious, almost self-deprecating approach to food that I love about Cafebarge. The menu is tapas style seafood and vegetarian plates, the menu changes daily depending on season, catch and very possibly mood and is all local where humanly possible, the vegetable market in Blochairn being the furthest food miles I believe. So nowhere better for me to ask people to pay their hard earned money for MY food. Nervous much?


Therefore on Saturday 18th May for the princely sum of £22 you can sit down to a meal which will be predominantly sourced from the fish and seafood landed in Tarbert that day as well as seasonal vegetables and Scottish cheeses. That’s as much as I’m giving away of the menu for the moment. Or not quite. As the task of doing everything for up to 30 covers is a bit much for me, but we wanted to give the chef the night off, hopefully to come to the barge but will leave that up to him. So assisting me on the night (or vice versa depending on how things go) I’m delighted to have Sumayya Jamil. Sumayya is the foremost authority on Pakistani food in the UK through writing, teaching and supperclubs. Founder of Pukka Paki and a lady whose mission is to put the haunting flavours of Pakistan on the map where they belong she has appeared in Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation and we are delighted she is joining us on Cafebarge to weave some desi flavours into the guid Scots produce.

Come along and enjoy the night on the shores of beautiful Loch Fyne.

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