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A few things over the past weekend got me thinking about experiences and making them happen rather than waiting for them to come to you. The first one bizarrely enough was tripe. Overton Farm Shop have had it on their stall at the last couple of Lanarkshire Farmers Markets and I got chatting to John on the stall about it and asking what it tasted like. I’ll try most things but childhood tales of tasting like babies nappies are as hard to erase as the constant exhortation to clear your plate.

The second thing was tweeting about ‘natural wines’, now I’m no expert but I believe this is when the fermentation is from naturally occurring bacterias and there is no physical or chemical interaction, essentially nothing is added to or taken away from, the wine. I’ve never tasted a natural wine but a lot of people are passionate about them and I’m really curious about their qualities, the wines that is, not the people who are passionate about them. The final thing was the lovely blog post of her {35 at 35} by @Glasgow_Mummy, I thought how great it was to set goals and give them a timeframe. A set of SMART objectives for life.

Therefore I’ve decided to set myself some food and drink SMART objectives and would love you to join in. I’m going to kick off with my first ten and hopefully will get some more inspiration from friends and readers. Now bear in mind the time constraints of this, despite my youthful good looks as highlighted in a recent picture above it is a remarkably short time until I reach this milestone, just over 2 years, so they need to be relatively manageable. What is my food adventure potentially lacking that you feel is an experience not to be missed? My aim is to have experienced and have blogged about all 40 by the time life begins.

Here’s my first 10

1. Cook and eat tripe

2. Taste a natural wine, at least one, preferably lots

3. Eat at a Basque Sociedad Gastronomique in San Sebastian

4. Have an article published in a food magazine

5. Visit Highland Park Distillery and have a dram

6. Taste the award-winning goats cheese from Brockhall Farm

7. Make my own cheese

8. Dine at The Three Chimneys Kitchen Table

9. Prepare and cook a bird in a bird (maybe even in a bird) roast

10. Learn to cook and dress a crab

These are my starters for ten, will get my brain in gear and think of the next 30, hopefully you’ll give me some help along the way.

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  • Linda Urquhart

    An essential food experience is to catch your own ‘spoots’ or razor clams then cook them. The location of the catch is likely to be stunning, my personal favourite is a beach on the north west point of North Uist, the process pretty astonishing and the taste delicious.

    • scotslarder

      Great suggestion!!

  • Regula @ Miss Foodwise

    Make your own beer? 🙂

    • scotslarder

      Oh yes, will you come over and sample?

  • Ross Malyon

    Participating at a Matanza (slaughtering thr pigs and making Jamon and chorizo in N Spain). My wife is from Galicia and I have an open invitation to join her relative to participate. It’s all a question of time and money. I would love for my kids to join in as well as from what i’ve heard it’s a bit of a fiesta!

  • Janice Pattie (@serialcrafter)

    Great idea, but you can keep the tripe!

  • Claire @foodiequine

    Love this idea! Alas less than 4 weeks until my own OHYES40

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