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There’s many wines I’d quite like to try, Premier Cru Bordeaux, Dom Perignon Champagne, Fonseca 1977 Port. These would be nice but generally out of my league and although curious to me not intriguing. One wine that I have always found intriguing and wanted to try is Brunello di Montalcino, the generally enigmatically, rustically and regally labelled Tuscan giant. What is so fantastic about this sangiovese clone from the little town of Montalcino that it requires at least three years in casks and four years of ageing in total before it can be granted DOCG status and sold?

The bottle I was given was Sanetti Livio 2005 from my wonderful local Italian deli restaurant and I followed all popular advice and gave it several hours to breathe. The deep red almost black wine had a delicate browning rim. The nose was complex with oak, alcohol, black cherries and vegetation. Followed up with a palate rich and full-bodied full of intense morello cherry, spicy oak and cedar with black pepper and liquorice spice and a little cassis sweetness. The finish was long and complex with cherries, tannin and an almost fortified vegetal note.

This was a wine full of style and intrigue and more than lived up to all my fascination. This won’t be becoming a weekly imbibement but definitely an infrequent treat that I will have again. Sometime.

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  • Alida

    I must say I have never tried this. It is an interesting wine. A real treat. Lucky you!

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