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When I set out on my #40by40 it was to challenge myself to try new things, sample new experiences and to engage with people that inspire me. As most people reading this will know wine plays a large part in my life, I used to sell it, I love to drink it, write about it, am always open to new grape varieties and styles. I am always challenging my perception of what I like. Some people in this world inspire me about wine. Bill Small and Mike Paterson, winemakers in New Zealand who I have met through Naked Wines do so with their passion, talent and commitment. My mate Paul Callaghan does so having gone from selling wine with me in the late 90s for Oddbins to following his dream to become a winemaker in Margaret River. One person who inspires me when chatting about wine is Kat Wiggins, she is a Master of Wine student, a wine blogger and has a day job in the wine industry. Wine runs through her veins, sometimes literally I think. So for this journey I wanted a wine recommended by Kat as she is great at introducing new grapes to those who follow her, as an MW student she is bound to have a great palate, and there is no snobbery around what someone likes and doesn’t like.

So after a bit of thought she recommended a bottle of Trimpilin 2006 from Marche in Italy, that she had tried at a staff tasting. It’s always with a little trepidation that you open something that someone else has loved, wine is such a personal thing. However this one quite simply encapsulated everything that I love about Italian reds.

After a good period of breathing the red colour that appeared in the glass could best be described as juicy rather than deep. The nose was relatively closed although the cork promised much. The fruit exploded on the palate like marzipan cherry kisses before settling down to a complexity of darker fruit, spice and a little chocolate, all of which was enveloped in a layer of soft tannin and vanilla sophistication. The finish was long on black cherry, marzipan and a little green tannin and was a wonderful balance of fun and sophistication. It was superb with antipasti of olives and artichokes and I can imagine would be a great food match for everything from pork to roast venison. I loved it.

Find Kat at thewinekat.com

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  • Sally - My Custard Pie

    I share your love of wine and I’m a big fan of @winekat too. Doesn’t she have the best job in the world! So glad I found your lovely blog.

    • scotslarder

      Hi Sally, many thanks yes wine is definitely required most evenings. A wonderful pleasure and @winekat has such a great way of talking about it

  • Kat

    Hey! Just seen these comments *blush*
    So kind…

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