Of rhubarb and cake by Kellie Anderson


I first met Kellie Anderson a couple of years ago at Food Blogger Connect having followed her blog, Food to Glow, for a while. Dedicated to bringing healthy, seasonal plant based food to the people of Scotland and beyond, I’m delighted that she has taken the time to write for…

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Allied Glass Gin #tweettasting


  Over the last few years gin has been enjoying a renaissance on a grand scale with craft distillers appearing all over the country in various shapes and sizes. Allied Glass have been making ground breaking bottles for gin for over a century and, along with Steve Rush of The Whisky…

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The Gentle Taste of Islay


I’ve never been to Islay. Not yet anyway. However I know most of its produce pretty well and I’m led to believe that if you follow the road pretty much north from Port Askaig you’ll come to the distillery at the mouth of the river. Bunnahabhain. It is a distillery…

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Chocolate logs


Or truffles if you prefer….. If pancakes were the childhood staple sweet treat there was one that stood head and shoulders above all others. With an ingredient list that hardly inspired yet a name that spoke of something more exotic these coconut covered balls of chocolate and oats were simply…

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Rose veal osso bucco with wild garlic pesto

Rose veal really is coming into the mainstream psyche now as a wonderful addition to the repertoire of meats available in British farmers markets and butchers. While this beautiful sweet meat is quite different from white veal, one cut and dish which still speaks only of veal is osso bucco,…

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Pancakes on the girdle


Would you like a wee scone with your tea son or will I make you a pancake? My Gran always asked this fairly typical west of Scotland question when I visited. As she got older I’d phone to tell her I was coming so the doorbell didn’t surprise and frighten her, but…

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Wild Garlic Pesto


  It seems that wild garlic is everywhere at the moment as for a few weeks each spring hordes of people armed with scissors and plastic bags stalk the riversides, woodlands and parks of Britain. A first foray into the world of foraging for many this free, abundant and delicious…

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