Scotch Broth – The dying national dish?


Who would’ve thought that Scotch Broth would be a dying dish, but the fact is this country has fallen out of love with mutton. While this rich, flavoursome meat is starting to make a comeback and may even be the next ‘trendy meat’, the truth is most butchers say they are…

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Spring salad with wild venison chorizo and goats cheese


I think the marriage of Scottish produce with Spanish flavours is  fairly sublime. So do the Spanish I imagine, they import enough wonderful seafood from these shores. A couple of years ago Anja Baak from Great Glen Charcuterie sent me a sample of their wild venison chilli chorizo and I was…

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Drawing on my passion by Anna Koska


Bringing food and ingredients to life takes on so many forms, whether through cooking, through writing or through illustration it is essential to treat the food with integrity, to give it a purpose. A couple of years ago for the sadly defunct ‘Food Niche Collective’ site we asked Anna Koska…

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Smoked Haddock Risotto – A vlog


I love to cook risotto, if you know me, follow me or read this blog then this isn’t news. So I have decided to write a little ebook on it. As part of that project I made a video cooking the risotto I probably enjoy most. Smoked haddock. Made from…

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10 hour brisket


I was never a fan of meat as a child. I’d avoid it at all costs, and while this never extended to the ubiquitous Monday mince and tatties I far preferred the childhood comforts of macaroni and cheese, or that eighties classic; chicken kiev! In fact such was my loathing…

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Scottish heritage recipes – Stovies


The ‘Auld Alliance’ with France in 1295 that would last over 250 years brought much more than just armed assistance to Scotland. The food and wine flavours of that country would last within the Scottish cuisine and in the Scottish dialect far longer than the armed support of our Gallic…

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My Forever Autumn


‘I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers’, so wrote Lucy Maud Montgomery in Anne of Green Gables and whether you dream of New England in the fall or reminisce of conkers in the playground, autumn is a season filled with romance and nostalgia. There’s nothing…

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