Pancakes on the girdle


Would you like a wee scone with your tea son or will I make you a pancake? My Gran always asked this fairly typical west of Scotland question when I visited. As she got older I’d phone to tell her I was coming so the doorbell didn’t surprise and frighten her, but…

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Wild Garlic Pesto


  It seems that wild garlic is everywhere at the moment as for a few weeks each spring hordes of people armed with scissors and plastic bags stalk the riversides, woodlands and parks of Britain. A first foray into the world of foraging for many this free, abundant and delicious…

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Scottish heritage recipes – stewed mutton


‘I can’t believe the cook’s belted me again, his stinking beery breath shouting in my face. I only left the spit alone for two minutes to run to the toilet and it’s only blackened a little……’ I often walk in to The Great Kitchen at Stirling Castle and close my eyes, allowing…

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Great Glen Charcuterie


As you walk into The Old Butchershop in Roy Bridge, home of Great Glen Charcuterie you are enveloped by an amazing aroma that speaks of passion, of integrity and of quality. The soft sweet oak smoke, aromatic spice and rich game tells of artisans in the truest sense of the…

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Scotch Broth – The dying national dish?


Who would’ve thought that Scotch Broth would be a dying dish, but the fact is this country has fallen out of love with mutton. While this rich, flavoursome meat is starting to make a comeback and may even be the next ‘trendy meat’, the truth is most butchers say they are…

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Spring salad with wild venison chorizo and goats cheese


I think the marriage of Scottish produce with Spanish flavours is  fairly sublime. So do the Spanish I imagine, they import enough wonderful seafood from these shores. A couple of years ago Anja Baak from Great Glen Charcuterie sent me a sample of their wild venison chilli chorizo and I was…

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Drawing on my passion by Anna Koska


Bringing food and ingredients to life takes on so many forms, whether through cooking, through writing or through illustration it is essential to treat the food with integrity, to give it a purpose. A couple of years ago for the sadly defunct ‘Food Niche Collective’ site we asked Anna Koska…

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Smoked Haddock Risotto – A vlog


I love to cook risotto, if you know me, follow me or read this blog then this isn’t news. So I have decided to write a little ebook on it. As part of that project I made a video cooking the risotto I probably enjoy most. Smoked haddock. Made from…

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