Dulse braised Orkney brisket


Orkney is an island I’ve long wanted to visit. From the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae to the stunning maritime warmth of Highland Park it’s an island that’s always fascinated me. It’s also a collection of islands with an amazing array of food, and I was delighted when I met…

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Double trout fishcakes


The Scots have an inherent love of leftovers, there’s very little which we won’t re-use a second time to prevent waste. Patties are a particular favourite way of doing this and these little fish cakes are a perfect way of using the leftovers from two wonderful dishes. Trout is one…

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Venison Burgers


 Spending a lot of my childhood summer holidays camping in the highlands I got to know that part of the world pretty well. During these holidays I became acquainted with wild brown trout, picked wild raspberries and made jam,  and had my first prawns and crabs I’d watched landed that…

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Gooseberry and Green Chilli Chutney


 I often feel that gooseberries are the poor relations of the summer berries. Hidden behind thorns, thick skinned, hairy with a brown tail, and with a tartness that can make the sides of your mouth meet in the middle. Why would you bother? Perhaps my love of the gooseberry stems…

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American Popovers with Strawberry Butter by Liberty Vittert


If you’re a fan of STV Glasgow’s Riverside Show you’ve probably seen Liberty Vittert, ‘The American Cook’, cooking up American classics with our great Scottish ingredients. I’m delighted she has agreed to share a beautiful summer recipe that does just that. Take Yorkshire Pudding, and instead of unpopping, pop it,…

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Keeping it Scottish and Simple with Jak O’Donnell


I recently attended the Royal Highland Show as a guest of Quality Meat Scotland and was fortunate enough to catch up with Jak O’Donnell, Chef/Patron of The Sisters restaurant, after her demonstration of cooking with Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork. After a good chat about Scottish food…

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Smoky chilli macaroni cheese


I often wonder where the Scottish love of macaroni (and) cheese began, in fact the love of macaroni in general. I read my Gran’s cookbooks from the twenties and macaroni was already a staple in the Scottish kitchen, probably brought over by the emigrating Italians of the late 19th and 20th…

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Waking up to organic with Organic Trade Board

Cooking porridge for wake up to organic

In recent weeks more and more stories surface about the level of infection in factory farmed meat. Hot on the back of the horse meat scandal it’s understandable why so many people are turning to organic produce which has guaranteed animal welfare, is better for the environment. With this in…

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